All of our Speed & Strength programming is designed by Coach Kevin Fitzgerald. Coach Fitz is a former D1 Strength & Conditioning Coach (Florida State, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt) and he brings that knowledge and experience to all the athletes at 615.

Speed Classes

Our Speed classes at 615 are designed for athletes to improve their performance on the field or on the court. For those athletes that need to get an extra step on the competition, we recommend our Speed & Agility class. We are different than any other facility in the Nashville area because of our technique training.To read more about our Speed and Agility programing visit the strength page.

Strength Classes

In our Strength classes, our main focus is on power. Power = Force multiplied by Velocity. Our approach to strength training is not based on how MUCH weight, but how FAST you move the weight. With our focus being on power, our training easily translates to performance on the field. To read more about our strength programing visit the Strength Training page.