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Why Six1Five Strength Training?

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As a parent of an athlete, you may ask yourself, “when should my son/daughter begin strength training?” The answer is now, but with the right program. The head strength coach at Six1Five is Kevin Fitzgerald, former strength & conditioning coach at Florida St., Notre Dame and Vanderbilt. At Six1Five Sports Training, we generally recommend body-weight exercises until the summer before an athlete’s freshmen year of high school to prevent injury and allow for natural body maturity. Our strength programs are taught in an engaging, small group setting and designed to be age specific and sport appropriate. We focus on full body exercises as well as targeted exercises to be sure the entire body is exercised proportionately.  To get customized, collegiate style athletic training in the Nashville, Mt. Juliet & Murfreesboro area, Six1Five Sports Strength Training is your solution.

Sessions may be purchased individually, but it is difficult to track progress with inconsistent training.  Becoming a member is much more affordable and with better results.

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Sports that Six1Five members play include:

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Track, Volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, Hockey, Swimming

Hit my first HR thanks to @Six1FiveSports all the work is starting to pay off!!  – Claire Smith (now at MTSU-starting as a freshman) via Twitter

Benefits of Strength Training in Young Athletes

Increased strength has many benefits, but for young athletes, enhanced coordination may be one of the most obvious results. If you have been trained properly, your coordination will allow you to outperform the other athletes on the field. In addition to coordination, your endurance will keep you fresh longer than your opponent and help you maintain a high level of execution late in the game or season. Other benefits of strength training include increased bone density and stronger ligaments and tendons, which greatly reduce an athlete’s risk of injury.

Injury prevention is a strong enough argument for strength training, but on the field is where you win championships. Being bigger, stronger and faster than the competition will be the difference maker. In baseball and softball, strength is so important to players because it allows them to have a greater margin of error in their skills. For instance, greater bat speed allows a hitter to drive the ball even if his timing is a little off or if contact is not square with the barrel of the bat. Also, greater velocity allows the pitcher to get a strike on a mistake fastball, such as a foul ball,  rather than giving up an extra base hit on a mediocre fastball.  In football, strength training is more obvious due to the physical style of play, but proper technique will build muscle mass quicker to achieve faster results.

“Training at Six1Five has been an amazing experience! Not only has it made me an all around better softball player, but it makes working out fun! I’ve become a hundred times faster and stronger and all the training is definitely paying off on the field!” – Brice Dabbs (Friendship Christian School)

Six1Five Strength Membership

A Six1Five Strength membership is most effective when combined with a Six1Five Speed membership. Speed and strength are closely related and our staff will work with each athlete to develop a plan best suited for their skill and age level, and sport. Memberships are offered in 2, 3 & 4 Day training programs. Only High School athletes can attend 4 days per week.

Sessions are also able to be purchased individually, but it is difficult to document progress if there is inconsistent training. You can view our rates below.


Because all athletes have crazy schedules, we have program flexibility to fit into your schedule. We recommend at least 3 days of training in the offseason to help increase speed or strength. During the season, we recommend 2 days of training to help maintain your gains you worked hard for in the offseason. Come in and talk with us, call us at 615-754-5556 for Mt. Juliet or 615-956-7857 for Murfreesboro, or email us at for more information.  We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

Strength Training Rates

2 Days/Week:
3 months ($99/mo)
6 months ($89/mo)
9 months ($79/mo)
12 months ($69/mo)

3 Days/Week:
3 months ($119/mo)
6 months ($99/mo)
9 months ($89/mo)
12 months ($79/mo)

4 Days/Week (High School Only):
3 months ($129/mo)
6 months ($109/mo)
9 months ($99/mo)
12 months ($89/mo)

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Speed & Strength Training Rates

2 Days/Week:
3 months ($179/mo)
6 months ($169/mo)
9 months ($149/mo)
12 months ($129/mo)

3 Days/Week:
3 months ($199/mo)
6 months ($179/mo)
9 months ($159/mo)
12 months ($139/mo)

4 Days Strength & 3 Days Speed/Week (High School Only):
3 months ($209/mo)
6 months ($189/mo)
9 months ($169/mo)
12 months ($149/mo)

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Siblings are 40% off the rates listed above

High School and Middle School coaches – Team training is also available.  Please contact us to discuss your needs. This is a great way to improve your off-season and in-season workouts.


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