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If you do everything right in the gym, but don’t have the discipline or the knowledge at the dinner table, you’re fighting an uphill battle. To maximize your workouts, you need to balance that with the right nutrition. Sports Nutrition may be the missing link on your path to greatness. Think about a sports car. Would you put half gasoline (healthy) and half diesel (junk food) in your Ferrari at the gas station? Of course, you don’t. You put the high octane fuel because that’s what it needs. As an athlete trying to win championships and earn scholarships, or an individual trying to reach a desired weight, it starts with nutrition.

You may know some, you may know nothing. You may have a hard time getting your kids to eat more than hot dogs and chicken nuggets. You may be a runner and need a different diet to train for your next half marathon. Whatever your dietary needs, our Nutrition staff can help you navigate the world of food.  The Internet is full of information but do you know what’s right for you?

Lindsay Opie, RD (Murfreesboro location)

is a registered dietitian originally from Missouri.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Food and Nutrition from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, where she played Division I golf. She completed her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, with an emphasis on sports nutrition. While interning, she counseled Vanderbilt student athletes and members of the Tennessee Titans. She has also provided 100+ nutrition counseling services to the USMC in Albany, GA, and implemented the Ship Shape Weight Loss Program. Lindsay remains active with cycling, swimming, soccer and has competed in numerous triathlons and marathons. Often called “super mom,” but never feels up to the title, Lindsay currently is raising six athletic children. Competitive soccer, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, basketball, and cross country provide ample opportunity for her to use her nutrition expertise. Her husband’s job is very rigorous and requires exercising and her constant nutritional guidance and knowledge.  Knowing diet and proper nutrition goals are not the same for every individual and Lindsay desires to assist clients in tailoring a specific plan for their individual needs so optimal results are achieved.

Areas of Expertise

Weight Loss/Weight Gain

Foods to Build Muscle or Aid in Recovery

Hydration Habits

Q&A Identifying Fad Diets & Nutrition Nonsense


Grocery Shopping

Recipe Tweaking & Substitutions

Meal Planning for the Busy Family

Cooking for One

How to Read a Food Label

Understanding Portion Sizes

Smart Snacking

Conquering Vitamin/Mineral/Nutrient Deficiencies

Picky Eaters

Food Jags in Children (Overcoming Chicken Nuggets for every meal)


Consultation (1 hr) – $75 (deducted from overall cost if 4 or 8 week meal planning is chosen)

4 Week Meal Plan – $250

8 Week Meal Plan – $400

Grocery Store Tour – $100

Sports Nutrition Package (Four 1 hr Consultations Covering Any Topic) – $250

Nutrition History Document

Nutrition Goals Document

Food Journal

Food Journal Instructions