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ohio state football multi sport athletes benefits urban meyer sports performance blog3 Risks of Youth Sports Specialization

 Kids find their competitive desire early in life, and this drive makes them want to be the best at whatever they are doing. This has led to many kids (and parents) to focus on one sport year-round. The idea is that if little Johnny specializes in one sport, and puts in the 10,000+ hours of work it takes to be elite at this sport then he will become great and succeed.  Although this makes sense in theory, we are finding that this is not the case for most kids.  Research is finding that this method of sport specialization may work for a select few, but the majority of our youth population will encounter 3 risks by limiting their athletic path…Read More


– by Brandon Lipps, CSCS

brad bars vertical jump 2015 penn st pro day nfl combine

What do a rubber band and time have to do with your vertical jump? 

Power is a critical component to athletic success and is commonly assessed in athletes through vertical jump testing.  Jumping is a common activity in sport; and last second, game winning catches in the end zone this college football season may have had you questioning “how did he jump so high?”  Well, various factors come into play such as timing and good genetics, but I hope to provide a basic insight into a complex…Read More


– by Michael Self, CSCS

pitching lactic acid build up distance running sprinting

Is Lactic Acid Really Making Your Pitching Arm Sore?  

The goal of this post isn’t to deliver a message on groundbreaking research pertaining to lactic acid but rather shed some light on information that has been known for years that the baseball community always seems to overlook. When it comes to adopting new ideas baseball is always slow to change, because many people want to hold on to what has been “working” for years even though research backs other ideas…Read More


– by Josh Tubbs, CSCS

Do Soccer Players Need Strength?  

There are many attributes that athletes need to possess in order to be successful on the soccer field. Not only does the athlete need to be skillful with the ball – she needs the athleticism to match it. Being able to sprint, jump, attain high levels of endurance to last the duration of the game, and have sufficient upper body strength to hold off defenders are just a few vital components of the game. However, I have found through my experiences that soccer players are reluctant to get stronger and lift weights. There seems to be a stigma that lifting weights and getting strong will make you slow and less agile. The truth is though – soccer players NEED strength. Keep in mind when I’m talking about strength training I’m not talking about maxing out and becoming the best weightlifter – I’m talking about…Read More


– Lori Lindsey, 13 year professional who played on USWNT and was a member of the 2011 World Cup Team and 2012 Olympic Team (blog post originally posted on EricaSuter.com – great blog if you have time)

coaching, 615, six1five, sports, training, strength, speed3 Stages of Learning for Successful Coaching 

If you are reading this article there is a good chance that you have a desire to be a more knowledgeable coach. I share this same desire, and try to make it a point that I learn new and pertinent information daily. Throughout my education I have noticed that the acquisition of knowledge through reading publications or listening to lectures does not always readily translate into practical application. So how do I pull some of this abstract classroom informat…Read More


-by Brandon Lipps, CSCS