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615 Baseball Club

Our Vision

Our vision for the Six1Five Baseball Organization is to provide the tools necessary to help guys reach the next level. It may simply be making the jump to a bigger field or trying to catch the eye of a college coach to earn the coveted scholarship. We will provide the coaching, facility, programming and experience to help your son achieve success at the next level. The only thing left is the drive and passion for the game instilled in the player. 

What Makes 615 Different?

Six1Five is the only travel baseball organization in Middle TN with a former Division I strength and conditioning coach (Florida St, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt) to help all of our players be physically ready for the challenges of competitive baseball. To be the best baseball player you can be you need to be as fast and as strong as possible and the Six1Five Speed and Strength programs will help increase your speed, bat exit velocity, arm velocity and over athletic ability. Our Speed and Strength programs are not a requirement to be a part of the Six1Five Baseball Organization, but we highly recommend it. It has proven to work well for the 20+ guys we have helped earn college baseball scholarships in the short time of existence of Six1Five. Your son could be next. Speed & Strength training is what separates the good from the great. See below what benefits team members receive for Speed and Strength training.

Training benefits to playing with Six1Five:

  • 25% Discount on Speed or Strength Training
  • 10% Discount on Individual Lessons with 615 Instructors

Six1Five Expectations

Expectations of the Players:

  • Hustle – there is no place in baseball for lack of effort and hustle at all times
  • Attitude & Effort – these are the only things a baseball player can control so make sure both are great
  • Hustle – no matter how good a player is, no hustle = no playing time; college coaches pay attention to the details and you never know who is watching a game
  • Since playing time will be based upon production on the field, it is extremely important that players work on their game on their own; this game is hard and someone is always trying to take your spot in the lineup; team practice alone will not help a player reach his full potential
  • Be respectful of coaches, opponent’s coaches and umpires
  • Bat and helmet throwing is unacceptable; this game will cause you to fail more than succeed, learn to deal with failure maturely
  • When you play locally, you represent Six1Five Sports Training; when you play out of town, you represent the 615 area code and all of Middle TN-act with high honor 

Expectations of the Parents:

  • Trust the coaching staff to help your son develop into the best player he can be and reach the next level; no one is perfect but our coaching staff will have the players’ best interests in mind
  • Ask one of the coaches how your son can improve if you think he should be playing more and be prepared to explain what he is doing and how he is improving himself outside of team practices
  • Be an encourager to your son – when he makes a mistake on the field, he already feels bad enough that he let his team down, please don’t compound the problem
  • Be respectful of coaches, opponent’s coaches, opponent’s fans and umpires
  • Almost anything can be resolved with a conversation; go to the source of the problem after a short period of time (not immediately following a game) and address the problem; much respect and understanding can come from these types of conversations