Speed & Strength Training for Young Athletes

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Speed, Strength & Agility

Accelerate at 615 is a class designed for youth athletes to increase their overall athleticism.

We incorporate speed & agility sessions along with strength training to enhance each athlete’s performance. We see remarkable results within a short period of time in these athletes with consistent training. We make our training engaging, fun and challenging.

If you’re the best athlete on your team or you are just wanting to step up your game so you can compete at a higher level, our Accelerate class is for you! Fill out the form below and get started immediately. We offer a free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose.

 Work to become the best version of You!

Accelerate Class Training Rates

2 Days/Week:

3 months ($99/mo)
6 months ($89/mo)
9 months ($79/mo)
12 months ($69/mo)

3 Days/Week:

3 months ($119/mo)
6 months ($99/mo)
9 months ($89/mo)
12 months ($79/mo)

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