Below is a google form we need all current members to fill out to reserve their spot in classes for the 2020 school year! If you are not a current member please do not fill out this form, you will need to fill out the contact form (found at the bottom of the page here) and then we can get you set up to come in for a free trial! Current members the reserved spots will be first come first serve, we will go in the order of responses when placing athletes in each class. Please pay attention to the directions at the top of the the google form when selecting class days and times to make sure you choose the correct age, number of days, etc.! We know “Back to School” looks very different this year but there should be plenty of options for you to choose from. In order for us to continue abiding by the reopening guidelines from the Governor your athlete will have to come only on the days and times selected on this form! This schedule begins Monday (8/17).